20 ways for families to avoid crazy town!

Our incredibly creative Director of Family Ministries put together this list of 20 things to do while we’re all keeping our distance and finding new ways to spend our time. Check out her suggestions and feel free to comment with your own!
  1. Create a family playlist. Have each family member pick out their favorite songs to add. Then have a super fun dance party. Turn it up!
  2. Drop off books. Find the top 3 Little Free Libraries closest to your home. Fill them up with books. Check back often to refill it.  https://littlefreelibrary.org/ourmap/
  3. Play games together. Board games. Croquet. Hang man. Ping pong. Red rover. I spy. Basketball. Simon says. Talk about your favorite game as a kid.
  4. Start a gratitude list. Have a conversation about what we DO have.  Put the list on the fridge as a reminder. Have your family add items as you think of them. Read it often. List as many things you can think of to be grateful for such as 1) electricity 2) clean running water in our house 3) air conditioning, etc. One woman named Ann Voskamp counted over 1,000 things she was thankful for. https://onethousandgifts.com/
  5. Count your water faucets. How many total water faucets do you have at your house? Did you know that some people do not have even ONE faucet in their home? Some have to walk long distances just to get water. The United Methodist Committee on Relief also known as UMCOR is working towards a solution. https://www.umcmission.org/share-our-work/news-stories/2020/february/abundance/sustainable-development/umcor-partners-to-produce-a-groundbreaking-study-on-u-s-water-access
  6. Look up at the stars. How many stars do you see? Pull out the telescope or download a star gazer app to find the constellations.
  7. Read a book. Find a classic book or poem that is 100 years or older. Take turns reading it out loud together.
  8. Doodle it out. Use a pen or colored pencil or crayon to doodle your feelings or a recent memory on paper. Take time to name specific emotions and doodle about them. If time permits add extra details and colors.
  9. Ding-dong-doorbell-ditch. Now I have your attention! Haha. Find some flowers or greenery in your yard. Cut them & put them in a vase or small jar. Write a note of encouragement. Take the flower vase & note to your neighbor. Leave it at their front door. Ring the door bell and run away! Or stay and chat with your neighbor (from a safe distance!) to catch up. Either way it will be great!
  10. Paint or draw a family mural. For a large mural, use a canvas from the craft store or use the backside of thick wrapping paper. Use blue painters tape to tape paper to the wall. Also tape a 1” border around all 4 sides of the paper to make a frame. Draw or paint away!
  11. Camp in your living room or backyard. Set up a tent or blanket fort. Get a flashlight and tell stories. Use glow sticks. Make indoor s’mores. Here’s a recipe:
  12. Play balloon volleyball. Draw funny faces on the balloons with sharpie. Don’t let the balloon touch the ground.
  13. Fly a kite and blow bubbles together.
  14. Take a car ride to look for beautiful Florida wild flowers. Here’s a link for the “blooming” map:
  15. Eat a meal together outside on a blanket or picnic table. Look for birds and butterflies. Take time to look up at the clouds to name as many shapes as you can in the clouds.
  16. Plant a seed from a fruit you’ve recently eaten. Use a clear plastic cup to watch it grow. Talk about how seeds grow from rain water and sunlight. Check it daily.
  17. Take a walk. Start in your own yard. How many animals live in your yard? Walk around your block. Pray for your neighbors as you pass their homes.
  18. Play and refresh in water. Sprinklers. The water hose. Water balloons. The beach. The springs. Enough said.
  19. Have an UNbirthday party family meal celebration. Why, it’s my UNbirthday too! Use festive party plates, napkins, party hats, blowers. To make your own party hat, use construction or card stock paper and ribbon. Add fun details to the paper with markers and stickers. Roll the paper into a cone and tape in place. Tape ribbon to the sides of the paper or use a hole punch. Tie on the hat. Ta-da.
  20. Get outdoors. Just breathe. Take time to visit a beautiful Florida park.
Have any ideas of your own to add?