Our Core Values

  • We will strive to know Christ, and to make him known
  • We will be prayerfully focused in everything we do
  • We will value and live by the biblical principles as outlined in the in-errant word of God for transformation of the world and community
  • We will remain dedicated to the daily demonstration of unconditional love and compassion for all

Our Core Focus

To act as a bridge between Christ and our community through missions dedicated to promoting:

  • Physical wellness through access to healthy food, exercise and rest
  • Emotional wellness through meaningful social interaction and engagement
  • Mental wellness through opportunities for learning, mentorship and the arts
  • Spiritual wellness through service opportunities, discipleship and sharing the word

Our Mission Partners

Local help for local families

We believe we’re called to Love Thy Neighborhood and we seek to love our neighbors well. We see approximately 20 families per month seeking financial and/or emotional assistance as they navigate the complexities of living in poverty in Central Florida. We are in need of community members interested in walking with families who are working their way out of poverty. If you’re interested or willing to help, let us know! info@fumcsanford.org